HMP to Introduce Karaoke

Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) has announced that it will be adding karaoke to the list of programs for rehabilitating prisoners.

“Currently we have work programs and musical education, and especially the music education is very popular,” said John “The Machete” Mooning, the current director of prison extra curricular activities. “We do have punitive elements, but we also want to rehabilitate our prisoners and show them that life can be good when they finish their sentences.”

“As part of a stimulus that might encourage them not to return, we are introducing karaoke. Now this might sound like fun and games, but I must remind you there is no alcohol available in the prison, so having to listen to the karaoke with nowhere to go, and without the benefit of copious amounts of alcohol, we hope will encourage them not to visit us again.”

Despite no alcohol available, air delivered marijuana often is available courtesy of the police which may foil the karaoke plans.