CABLE workers go on strike, service levels to remain the same

WinnFM reports that employees of The Cable have gone on strike. On the way out the door it appears someone turned off something as Cable Internet was offline island wide for most of the business day on Wed Feb 15, 2017 from the morning on. A lady who answered the phone at The Cable however said they “didn’t know if it had anything to do with the strike but that the outage is island wide.” Cable TV seems to still be in service.

Meanwhile as The Cable’s service levels were so low prior to the strike, it may be weeks before anyone notices any effects from the strike. Cables belonging to The Cable that have fallen off the poles are still laying in the grass and on roads, and strike or not, likely would continue to do so for weeks or months to come. After Cable Internet resumes service at some undetermined future date, customers may call The Cable at 465-2588 for a $0 service credit.

LIME in an effort to be sympathetic has remained online, but has gone up and down for the last several hours and is off for a few users completely who contacted us.

Meanwhile the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis who owns approximately 50% of The Cable, continues to tout the benefits of doing business in St. Kitts. A government spokesperson said, “With nearly an 80% reliability rate for Internet service, a nearly 90% electricity up time, and electric costs that are nearly five times the cost of electricity in the United States, St Kitts is a great place to do business!”

ZIZ also communicated is apologies for interruption to its broadcast schedule. “When Cable went down, we lost our connection to YouTube,” said acting program manager John “The Torrent” Smuthson.