RSCNPF to Introduce High Tech Speed Cameras (VIDEO)

Just recently The Royal St. Christopher & Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF) increased the responsiveness of 911 calls by adding a new 119 number. Now The RSCNPF in response to the recent traffic deaths has decided to pilot the use of new high tech speed cameras. Not willing to settle for traditional speed cameras, RSCNPF has opted to test newer high tech “smart” drone speed cameras.

“We wanted something high tech and these fit the bill.” said John “Speedy Gonzales” Smothson, the current acting officer in charge of speed control devices. “These speed cameras are smart and able to make some decisions on their own using advanced intelligence algorithms. We have also requested that they be mounted on a drone so that we can remotely relocate them as needed using a simple cell phone. At first the vendors we contacted said that our requirements were not possible to meet, but we have since found one vendor capable of providing what we need. A new local start up in the high mountains of Phipps founded by some youths has been able to deliver exactly what we need and has provided us with one prototype. I am so proud that while no one else in the world could provide what we need, local ingenuity has come to the rescue. We were even told that they built in voice command recognition which was far beyond what we expected. Each unit has a unique cell phone number. To relocate a unit or reprogram it, all we have to do is call the assigned number and issue simple voice commands.”

Video of the new prototype speed camera in action: