Sea Bridge Introduces Same Day Guarantee

In response to chronic complaints from travelers, the Sea Bridge in an effort to increase its service levels has announced that it is introducing a “Same Day Guarantee”.

Captain of the Day, John “Salty” Hiburd explained to The Manchineel that once the Sea Bridge was loaded and has left dock the guarantee would be in effect. It would not take effect if the Sea Bridge does not successfully leave the dock. However once it has left the dock, management now guarantees that it will reach its destination the same day. If however the Sea Bridge did not reach back to Nevis or St Kitts on the same day (regardless of which direction was intended), customers would be offered a 10% refund.

Regular customers of the Sea Bridge had varied responses. The Manchineel was on site to talk to passengers as they arrived just after the new guarantee was announced.

Passenger Georgia Smyth said, “I travel several times a week on the Sea Bridge. I have always arrived the same day, but still I think the guarantee is a nice step.”

Others were less enthusiastic. Passenger Joan Crewford said, “I know overseas travel is complicated, but this guarantee may simply be too hard for the Sea Bridge to keep. I suspect the Sea Bridge may be issuing a lot of refunds.”