LIAT to BA: “At least we land in the right country”

“Recently a British Airways flight headed for Germany got mixed up and landed in Scotland, much to the surprise of its passengers,” said LIAT mechanic John “Duct Tape” Tinkerton.

While primarily a mechanic, Mr. Tinkerton has also been serving as Public Relations Officer for LIAT during LIAT’s budget cuts. “Hey, every problem does have silver linings. The last PRO was a real blow hard, always sugar coating tings… Not me.. I tell you jus like it be.”

“I mean really, LIAT we does sometimes send your bags to the wrong country, people on the wrong planes to the wrong country, people to the right country on the wrong day because sometimes a 45 minute flight does take 73 hours, but never never did LIAT send a whole plane to wrong country! Dat jus way beyond any stupidity LIAT ever did do… strupes!”

“So aye say fly LIAT – We gonna get you to where you wanna go. As for your bags, well I guess we do have somting a bit in common with BA because of we being Commonwealth and all.”

“Please do remember though, no peacocks are allowed on LIAT.