LIAT Bans Peacocks From Flying in Passenger Cabin

United Airlines recently at Newark airport denied boarding to a woman’s emotional support animal which happened to be a peacock. Always tinking ahead, LIAT has issued a statement regarding emotional support animals and its policy.

Management referred us to a mechanic named John “Duct Tape” Tinkerton who said, “WTF is an emotional support animal? And dey say me in charge of dis? I’m de mechanic. But what the heck, might as well be.”

“Well since management did not consult me but put me in charge, I guess I get to make the policy. Let me tell you the policy. LIAT’s policy about peacocks is that they have their own darn wings, let dem fly on their own. Ain gonna be no f*****g peacocks on my planes. Really what a chupitness dis be? Peacocks? Really? I mean OK, I get a cat or a lap dog. But a peacock?!??!? What’s next? Emotional support monkeys? Elephants? Anyone who bring a bird on my plane better bring some curry and rice cuz the passengers gonna have cookup.”

“This PC (peacock) stuff might fly in the US, but not LIAT. LIAT is not a PC airline.”

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  1. This is hysterical! Flying Liat, the peacock would be late, anyway. Probably could fly on it’s own, faster.

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