Coy Resorts to Cease Current Operations

January 5, 2019 via MNN News Wire

Coy Resorts International (CRI) today is announcing that it will cease operations as currently planned and restructure its plans to better fit its surrounding environment. The current buildings owned by Coy Resorts are now nearly inaccessible by road due to the deteriorating infrastructure and lack of attention by PWD.

“It is nearly impossible to reach they Coy properties via car and soon even a SUV will not be able to make the journey.” said Eean “Potholes” Liebird, the acting overseer of PWD. “We made it clear to Coy Resorts and residents in the area. If we ain fix u roads in 15 years not once, we ain neva gunna. Jus fugid bout it. We really just don’t care. If you wanted a road, you should have built near a politicians house, because we make sure them roads does get paved even when they near perfect already.”

Coy Resorts in response said, “We’ve already built the property and have much invested. We foolishly expected when we built the property that vehicular access would be available. Seeing that it won’t be, we are re-configuring the resort to add a helipad and dock to allow access by helicopter or boat.”

Coy Resorts also announced that they will be adding Coy Safari Park and Tank Excursion to their resort by using the former roads as jeep trails using M1 Abrams Tanks.