Tourist Questioned on Terrorism Suspicions

A resident driver of St. Kitts, Mr. Ian Boiley today may have averted a potential terrorist attack on The Federation. “I heard see sumting, say sumting, so I did. I was behind dis rental vehicle on Bird Rock road. As it approached Ram’s Grocery I noticed that there was a flashing light on the car which was activated just prior to turning into Ram’s. I had never seen such a blinking light on a car before and so I knew that I must alert the police. I called 911 and they told me that they don’t handle bombs and that I should call the Fire Department maybe. But I told them it had tint and before I could hang up the phone an entire squad of police had arrived.”

Acting PRO for the Police, John “Pokemon” Wooliams when The Manchineel contacted him said, “Rental cars are not allowed to have any tint applied at all. This combined with the flashing light let us know something was funny with this car. This is is why we have to get all the tint and why my nick is “Pokemon”, because we gotta get demall. The flashing light we believe may be an indicator of explosives, or possibly a new form of gang communication and so the tourist was held and interrogated but nothing was found. The tint however is a serious problem and the tourist will be held accountable for driving a rental car with tint. The law it the law and its very clear. The rental car company is not responsible because they were not driving it and the law is clear that the driver is responsible. We are eternally grateful to Mr. Boiley for his quick thinking and saving The Federation from a possible terrorist attack.”