Extreme Cold Weather Affecting Members of Parliament

A recent cold spell affecting the twin islands of St Kitts and Nevis has had residents pulling out sweaters from backs of closets, but the cold spell has also affected members of parliament. Several prominent members of parliament were seen around town with their hands in their own pockets. This has shocked many residents.

The Manchineel took to the streets to get your views.

One resident who asked to remain anonymous said, “I’ve never ever seen that man put his hands in his own pockets. In fact I didn’t even know his pants had pockets. I bet it came as a real surprise to him too since I know he has never used them for his hands before.”

Tishon “See Urchin” Tobias though was not afraid to give his name and said, “He pockets real small cuz he got small small hands but don’t he fool you, he sneaky. When he go in he have no money, now he got millions. You tell me from where? Ain he pocket it come from. At least me pockets safe when it cold.”