RSCNPF Announces New Emergency Phone Number

Today Officer John “Godot” Pegsun, acting PRO for the month of June, of the RSCNPF announced that as part of their crime reduction strategy the RSCNPF has announced a new emergency telephone number.

“Formerly we had 911 and you could call the station of course. Previously we asked the public to immediately call the police station if they see dark tint. Now we have established a special number to make it easier. Simply dial 666 from any telephone in the Federation and you will be connected to the newly established Ministry of Tint Enforcement.”

“Obviously as crime is getting worse, we must have missed some tint. If we can just get the last of the dark tint, crime will start to reduce and therefore we know we don’t have it all yet. If you see tint, say something. Obviously the public sees this tint and is not telling us about it. If the public refuses to help us, then we cannot reduce crime.”