Unity says IPL not a priority because Unity is honest

Citizens have continued to pressure Unity on their promise to pass an Integrity in Public Life Act (IPL). Denzil Douglas campaigned on a platform of IPL leading to his ascension to Prime Minister in 1995. Despite campaigning on it, Douglas failed to implement IPL in the two decades he reigned as Prime Minister.

During this time Unity as the opposition constantly dogged Douglas about his failure to implement IPL and made it a central part of their campaign promise for many years leading up to their eventual election win in 2015. Prior to the election Unity stated that they already had draft IPL legislation and were “ready to go.” Unity even attempted to introduce IPL legislation under Douglas in 2011.

The issue of Patches Liburd forming a company while in office has brought IPL again to the forefront of many citizens minds. Yet, despite being in power for 2 years, Unity has failed to make any moves on IPL.

The Manchineel reached out to Unity regarding IPL. Unity Spokesman for Undesirable Questions, John “Delaydem” Norburd said, “IPL simply isn’t a priority for us right now because Unity is so honest. You can trust us, so why should we have to make a law if we would be in compliance any way?”

Norbird continued, “Tell me, what are you really trying to say? That Unity is dishonest? Unity takes IPL very seriously, just as Douglas took the Motion of No Confidence seriously. It took him just over four years to move a Motion of No Confidence to parliament, yet you are asking us to pass IPL in just two? Besides have you considered the fact that since FATCA its a whole lot harder to move stuff around. So IPL needs time. Be patient.”