Government to Appoint New Head of PWD

Unity spokesperson Dominique “dafuq” Dooglas finally broke the long silence regarding the issue of road repairs throughout The Federation and especially regarding Conaree and Half Moon.

“We have a plan, residents just need to be patient. We work on our own time, not some arbitrary schedule set out by ungrateful residents. We still have to pass IPL before we can fix the roads and well, IPL just isn’t a priority.”

“Truthfully though the blame doesn’t lie with Public Works (PWD). We haven’t equipped them properly with the right equipment and materials. Mr. George formerly of the Elections office has some community service in his future after his recent arrest. We are going to transition the existing workers at PWD to other departments and place Mr. George in charge of the new PWD.”

“PWD will now stand for Parrot’s Work Detail and he and other prisoners will be used to start to repair the roads. He has a special talent for making things disappear, and we hope he can work his disappearing magic on the potholes, bush, and rebar.”