Friars Bay Bars Given An Additional Option to Relocate

“We want our citizens to know that we hear them” said John “Maddoff” Juseph, head of Hotel & Resort Planning for St. Kitts & Nevis. “We kind offered the Friars bars an option to relocate to the strip, but some bar owners have balked at having to add a knife fights and gun fire to their menus.”

“We care though, and so we are offering on more additional choice for bar owners. Bar owners may relocate to Booby Island if they wish. ShipWreck became famous for its monkeys, but no bar has as many Boobies as they can have at Booby Island. Its perfect, I’m sure any bar would love to have more Boobies. Everyone loves Boobies.”

“Sure transportation is a bit of an issue, but we have already talked to the Sea Bridge and asked them to make an additional stop and Discovery Bar already has Kayaks that can be deployed to get customers from either St. Kitts or Nevis.”