FLOW to Rebrand AGAIN

Oct 17, 2017
Basseterre, St Kitts

In the last decades FLOW has rebranded itself several times in an attempt to improve its image. A brief history of our names and nicknames are provided below:

  • SKANTEL (St Kitts and Nevis Telephone Co) aka SCAMTEL
  • Cable & Wireless aka Cable & Worthless
  • LIME aka SLIME
  • FLOW aka SLOW

A few years have passed so it is again time to reflect and rebrand to try to bury our current image which has yet again become unrepairable. After careful consideration we came to the conclusion that our best option was yet another merger, this time with a company that truly matches FLOW’s image.

FLOW is happy to announce that from Apr 1, 2018 all of our operations will be fully acquired and will from thenceforth be known as:

  • Comcast Carribean

We hope that we can outperform Comcast itself it is globally known customer service levels. With FLOW’s past track record we are absolutely confident we can beat Comcast in providing the world’s absolute worst customer service and reliability.

Charles “Rotary Dial” Dooglas
Public Relations Manager