Traffic Department Announces Special Exemption for Red Vehicles

Acting PRO for the Traffic Department, John “Where de tint” Murtin announced today blanket immunity for vehicles that were red in colour. “Red vehicles have been given a pass for a long time now especially under the previous government. We are spread very thin and have to focus our resources on tinted vehicles (that are not red). So we just decided why not formalize the policy so we can focus on tint. If we can get all the tint, crime will be solved and then we will be able to deal with lesser crimes like speeding, reckless driving, etc. I want to be clear that it is not a total pass for red vehicles, but petty offenses like no license tag, obstructed view, speeding, parking offenses and the like are just a waste of our resources right now.”

Vehicle Parked

No License Tag

No License Tag – “This vehicle drove around for months and many people reported it to us almost daily. But all of our officers were on tint duty and since it didn’t have tint, it just wasn’t a priority.”

Obstructed View – “Technically speaking, its not tint. So we didn’t want to harass the driver.”