FLOW to Offshore Repair Department

Oct 16, 2017
Basseterre, St Kitts

FLOW has signed a contract with a telecom firm in India to provide repair services for its infrastructure in St Kitts & Nevis.

“Previously we had already eliminated most of our staff in St Kitts & Nevis and moved call operations to Jamaica. When you call to FLOW your calls are routed to Jamaica and this is really no different.”

“Now when customers call for repairs to their internet or landline service our partner in India will be responsible for the physical repairs. We realize that that distance of thousands of miles may concern some customers, but as it is we don’t send repair crews out anyway or often take up to 6 months to dispatch them, so the fact that our new partner is in India and not able to physically access customers home we do not foresee to be an issue that will cause any issues beyond what we already have.”

“Whether repair staff in SKN don’t do the repairs, or repair staff in India cannot do the repairs because of distance should provide our customers with the very same level of service that they have long become accustomed to from FLOW.”

“The CTA (Caribbean Telecommunications Authority) regulates us as a public utility and requires that we maintain repair staff, but nowhere in that regulation does it stipulate where those repair staff are located nor does it specify that repair staff must have physical access to the repair locations.”

“We have also learned a lot from our Indian partners. We have tried to eliminate as many positions in St Kitts & Nevis already but we need to keep sales staff local so we can launch new features like FLOW TV. But as a result of our Indian partners we are now training our remaining local staff the Indian Head Shake to better provide responses to customer queries when they seek responses to questions. With the head wobble FLOW can now respond to customers questions quickly without having to actually answer them. We believe this will expedite interactions with customers and possibly allow us to reduce staff levels in St Kitts & Nevis even further.”

“We had been looking at artificial intelligence to respond, but as a company we decided that natural stupidity was more human.”

Charles “Rotary Dial” Dooglas
Public Relations Manager